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A Shot of Real Money in Your Mobile Poker Arm


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Adrenaline Poker is proud to present the best poker apps for your mobile phone or tablet computer. If you’ve ever found yourself wading through page after page of mobile poker reviews without finding the information you need, then AdrenalinePoker.com will give your searching a serious shot in the arm. There’s absolutely no way you’re leaving here without the best app for you, whether you’re the owner of an iPad 3, a Samsung Galaxy, a Blackberry Playbook or one of the brand new HTC phablets.

Real Cash, Multiple Players

Poker apps can be broadly categorised into four or five groups:
  1. Real money, multiple players
  2. Real money video poker
  3. Multiple players, fun games
  4. Against the computer for fun
  5. Strategy / learning tools
This site focuses primarily on the first of these five – we have found that most people searching for poker apps for iPad, tablets, phones or whatever are wanting to play (a) against other people and (b) with the extra adrenaline rush that comes with having real cash on the table (even if some of it will get raked). If a secreting adrenal gland is not what you’re looking for then we will do our best to point you in the direction of alternative software that will do the job you need to have done, whether it’s a clock, odds calculator, heads up game against the computer.


Poker for hand-held devices is in its infancy and compatibility is the key to choosing the right app for you. With screen resolutions varying enormously choice also needs to consider the extent to which an app is optimised for a particular phone or tablet.


Compatibility is such a strange beast that the best iPad poker app may be different depending on whether you have an iPad 2 and or an iPad 3. With more pixels per inch on the new iPad 3 some poker games will play more slowly. Meanwhile, sites like PokerStars have used every pixel of the iPad’s screen to provide the next best thing to a full desktop experience.

Android Tablets

The Android OS has risen in popularity dramatically in 2012 and if trends continue then we should expect to see sales of tablets like the HTC Flyer on the increase in 2013 too. If poker apps can keep up with the changes then expect to see more apps making use of these new tablets’ quality internet browsers and HTML5’s cross-platform capabilities. Install Chrome to get the best web poker experience on your tablet.

iPhone and iPod Touch

In general, operators that release poker apps for iPad will also make them available for iPhones and iPod touch devices. Of course, the screens are smaller so the extent to which the apps remain optimised will depend on whether the software has been written to adapt to screen size be responsively. Not only will the best apps be responsive, they will also put less on the screen so that your fat fingers don’t trip over themselves too much.

Android Phones

The same is basically true for Android poker apps: a good app will be playable on average smartphone-sized screens with a resolution of around 360x480 pixels. This means being very efficient with what you display around your pocket-sized poker table.

Other Tablets

The Blackberry Playbook is better optimised than many Android tablets for playing web games. Few poker operators are making native apps for this device but if the BB Playbook’s browser is good enough then it can still be a good option. At the other end of the scale, Kindle Fire owners will struggle with its scaled back Android version.

Other Mobile Phones

Poker sites like mFortune.com claim compatibility with over 99% of mobile phones. The way they are able to achieve this is by really paring down their games to the only include the minimum features needed for real money Texas Hold’em poker on your mobile. If it ain’t strictly necessary then it’s gone and the games are all the better for it.

Mobile Payment Options

Another exciting development in the mobile gaming suburb is the arrival of new fone-friendly banking and payment alternatives. Some of these are capped at a low dollar amount making high-stakes mobile poker tables somewhat off-limits while others are no different to traditional on line poker payment methods such as PayPal or Neteller. The single banking option least likely to give your game a lift is the option to pay with your phone bill. It’s hard to imagine phone companies wanting to take on the risk of you depositing enough cash to play in big mobile poker tournaments.

The Games

The final big question facing poker operators going mobile is how to keep the pace up on the small screen where multi-tabling is less feasible. The poker games being played are the same: Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud. The difference the best operators are experimenting with is how to speed them up. Look for variations with names like Zoom, Fast Poker (Terminal.com), Rush, Blaze (Ladbrokes) and Speed (WinPoker.com). If any mobile poker games can get your blood boiling and the adrenaline pumping then these are them!


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